Ellis Research Institute Center for Cyber Strategy and Studies


The Ellis Research Institute is dedicated to cyber security, with a focus on informing strategy, providing thought leadership, and aiding decision makers through public research. The institute combines in-house research with external expertise to create relevant, comprehensive, and vetted perspectives on issues affecting modern cyber security. Research conducted by the Ellis Research Institute is provided freely to the public, allowing the institute to remain independent of outside influences.

Cyber strategy requires a wide view of the problem set, with an understanding of the complex and often interdependent relationships between technology, people, and processes. At the Ellis Research Institute, we take a holistic view of strategy and address security at a variety of levels. This approach allows us to understand the “why” which ties together the “how” of defensive and offensive tactics.

Andrew Ellis, founder and executive director:

With nearly two decades of experience with technology and security, Andrew leads the institute, organizes projects, and conducts research in cyber strategic studies. In his professional career he has managed incident responses, conducted monitoring and analysis, offered consulting services, and lead research and development teams. Throughout his career he has worked with Fortune 100 companies to help them build security programs and identify areas of focus. Andrew currently holds GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) and GIAC Incident Analyst (GCIA) certifications, and is a member of the InfraGard, the American Society of Quality, and was a co-founder of the Psych0tik Network.

Contact Us:

You can contact the Ellis Research Institute by reaching out directly to Andrew at andrew@ellis-research.org.