Ellis Research Institute Center for Cyber Strategy and Studies


The Ellis Research Institute offers assistance to organizations and publications looking for expert commentary on topics relating to cyber security. Below is a listing of interviews and articles which the institute has been included in.


Fledgling Fast 15 (Fledgling Writers Community)

The Fledging Writers Community requested insights into cyber security for writers looking to add realism to their publications. Additionally, many writers were seeking guidance on their own personal protection. This interview covers topics related to cyber security in general, as well as tips for staying safe online.
Edited interview | Full interview | Fledling Writers Community posting


How to prevent cyber attacks (Motley Fool)

Cyber security is especially difficult for small and medium sized businesses. There is a huge mismatch between the resources and budget that these organizations can bring to the table and the scope of the threats facing them. Ensuring that security capabilities implemented provide a good return on investment and are actually usable is critically important.
How to prevent cyberattacks


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